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Rutilated Quartz Picks you! It illuminates, energizes and helps to balance. Helps you get to the root of a problem. Rutilated Quartz produces and magnifies energy and storing recollections and is particularly good at revealing the source of mental suffering. This crystal comes in various hues and is called for the Rutile threads that are spontaneously incorporated in it. Rutile fibers transmit energy independently. The gemstone is good for improving mental clarity, drawing romance, maintaining friendships, and harmonizing the energies.

Super Nova  The “Big Bang” or individuation of  “All That Is”.  Hexagonal facets resemble the bumble bee’s eyeball.  Helpful in seeing the “parts” of any perception, as well as the big picture.  Clarifies and energizes.

Orange Topaz is a manifestation stone.  Acts as a personal battery. Sends high energy to the stone for later use. Orange Topaz is also known as Precious Topaz. It’s the rarest type of Topaz that exhibits a reddish orange color. Orange Topaz will support you in bringing your desires to life. 

This stone will bring helpful people to your side so that you can achieve your goals. It will also bring you inspiration, motivation, and determination while you’re working on your goals. It carries energies of peace, joy, and satisfaction, which will support the process of manifestation. Orange Topaz will help you discover the right path, and it will give you faith and confidence in your endeavors. It will help you when you’re feeling stressed because this stone has a soothing and relaxing effect. It’s a very useful stone when you’re under a lot of pressure.

Orange Topaz will help bring prosperity and abundance into your life. It will also promote good health.

6mm Round Cut Orange Topaz

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