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Pollucite is a great stone for Reiki. It embodies affection for humankind. Protects one from environmental hazards. This energy has a stabilizing effect that can invoke harmony within your soul and can help you achieve a state of balance in your internal and external forces.

It is believed that the vibration of Pollucite can help a dying person through his or her transition from this world to the other side. For those who have lost a loved one, the energy of Pollucite can help you get in touch with the spirits that have passed on, making you feel their presence even when they aren’t physically around you.

One of the most appealing aspects of this crystal is that it can be used for any chakra throughout the body. The versatility of the effects of the crystal stems from the fact that the physical form of Pollucite is such that it radiates the full-color spectrum.

Having said that, it should be noted that for a beginner, it is suggested that the stone be used for short intervals of time until you get used to its powerful energy.

Pink Garnet  (lab grown) assists in connecting your high heart with the heartbeat of the Earth. Brings warmth, strength, confidence, and grounding. If you desire to change something about your spirit or your soul, using fire elementals, specifically Garnet, can help you increase movement and vibrations inside your body. This is needed to break apart stagnant energies and transform yourself into the person you desire to become.

This is known as a color change garnet, going from peach to pink in different lightings, predominantly pink.

The Infinite Eye   This cut celebrates the geometry of “as above, so below”.  This cut helps to place the center of infinity within our hearts and minds, the infinite flow of “All That Is”, centered in Love, becomes our daily companion.  Consciously using this tool for maintaining your personal connection with your Higher Self (The Holy Spirit) will assist you in “seeing” your way to compassion and forgiveness, accelerating Spiritual Growth.

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