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Asari Crystals


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Danburite helps let your "Light" shine. Carries a very high vibration that stimulates the 6th and 7th Chakras. Used in treatment of Gall Bladder and Liver. Assists in the removal of Toxins.

Golden Labradorite is historically associated with the power of the sun. It brings rejuvenation and strength. It is also said to connect one with beneficent spirits and wards off ills. Brings good luck.

Iolite is helpful in stimulating psychic abilities. Emotionally soothing. Provides insight into solutions for problems. Iolite is a fantastic energy stone for individuals seeking a deeper spirituality and seer-like understanding in their lives. The Iolite Stone may be utilized in Feng Shui to bring about spiritual healing, build relationships, and assist with the deep shadow work we sometimes need to undergo to confront all sides of the self.

It is an excellent stone for an altar or holy location and everyday contemplative practices. Iolite may also be placed in areas where your connection occupies significant space. Helps with codependent relationships and have healthy thoughts with partners. Having Iolite in the house can also assist in cultivating that desire and make it a reality for individuals struggling with addictive habits and wishing to commit to detoxification.

The Magician Stone TM is a multi-faceted star, showing 4-fold symmetry.  This unique cut creates numerous energetic channels that connect us to Source, the Earth, and each of the four directions.  The effect is one of centering.  Indeed, it positions us in the Cosmic Flow and we begin to manifest magic, good luck and extraordinary abundance    

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