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Asari Crystals


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Colombian Obsidian is a natural obsidian formed in the last 2 million years from the Nevada del Ruiz volcano in Colombia. This lush obsidian connects heart and throat chakra's releasing stress, providing clarity and serenity. Stimulates creativity and abundance. Obsidian is a protective stone that combats negative energies, removes emotional blockages, and inspires growth. 

Radiant Heart Crystal  A unique evolutionary tool to assist us in expanding our ability to hold and create Unconditional Love, so that we too may “crystallize” the wisdom of the One Heart that unites all life in Love.  Attunes the wearer to the vibration of Unconditional Love and the next step we may take to claim this more fully in our lives.

Phenacite is a very high vibration stone – helps brings in the Divine.  Expansive. Excellent for meditative and channeling pursuits. Phenacite can also give you the gift of great knowing and align you with your higher self. Phenacite’s vibration is so strong that it is sought after by many light workers and metaphysicians.  A single piece can be strong enough to affect a whole group or crowd, and can affect even by those usually unmoved by other crystal energies. Phenacite benefits for spiritual growth are numerous and a highlight of this healing crystal. Phenacite is known to facilitate the downloading of spiritual truths and to guide us in understanding and interpreting their meaning. This crystal connects us to Ascended Masters, human beings that have reached enlightenment and gone into full union with the Divine. Its energy heightens our consciousness of spiritual realms, spiritual beings and their messages. By helping us to communicate with these spirit guides, Phenacite facilitates our path towards spiritual enlightenment.

7mm Square Cut Phenacite

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