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Asari Crystals


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Danburite helps let your "Light" shine. Carries a very high vibration that stimulates the 6th and 7th Chakras. Used in treatment of Gall Bladder and Liver. Assists in the removal of Toxins. One of the most powerful gemstones is the Danburite. Danburite will assist you in receiving vivid messages from a higher consciousness, amplifying deep inner knowing and realizing divine purpose. It's suitable for empaths, light workers, and emotionally wounded people in overcoming pain, anxiety, feelings of being stuck, and self-doubt.

The Star of Venus  is a five-pointed star, celebrating man’s union with earth and creation through each of the five elements.   A wonderful tool for shedding burdens and for revitalization.  Brings clarity and balance, insight and alignment with the Divine flow.  Historically, used for protection and invocation.

Pink Tourmaline brings love and spirituality together. Helps bring growth, joy and harmony. Pink tourmaline is a stone known for promoting the energy of love and friendship, which makes it an excellent choice for those looking to cultivate a better connection with others. Pink tourmaline carries the special meaning of unconditional love, understanding, and sympathy. Pink tourmaline is often associated with love, compassion, emotional healing, and spiritual growth. Wearing pink tourmaline jewelry can serve as a reminder to focus on these aspects of life and promote positive energy.

6mm Round Cut Pink Tourmaline

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