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Rutilated Quartz Picks you. It illuminates, energizes and helps to balance. Helps one get to the root of a problem. Rutilated Quartz produces and magnifies energy and storing recollections and is particularly good at revealing the source of mental suffering. This crystal comes in various hues and is called for the Rutile threads that are spontaneously incorporated in it. Rutile fibers transmit energy independently. The gemstone is good for improving mental clarity, drawing romance, maintaining friendships, and harmonizing the energies.

The Angelic Star  This unique cut combines metaphysical principles with the wisdom of the Cosmos.  A powerful tool for Spiritual Growth and Understanding.  The multidimensional design of the Angelic Star™ naturally creates new patterns of energy flow and relationship.  Assists in healing, meditation, manifestation and accessing insight and information.

Imperial Topaz is a manifestation stone. Acts as a personal battery, sends high energy to the stone for later use. The imperial topaz is a crystal that has great power. According to experts and astrologists, it has the power to connect us with the mystical world. By increasing our power of intuition, it gives us protection against harmful energies that can take advantage of this connection.

Imperial topaz is beautiful and grandeur. It has characteristics worthy of a crystal with royal qualities

7x5 Oval Cut Imperial Topaz

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