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Angel Aura 

Angel aura quartz is a type of quartz that is said to have a range of benefits. These benefits include: helping to cleanse and purify the aura, promoting peace and harmony, helping to balance the chakras, and providing protection against negative energy. Angel aura quartz is also said to be helpful in promoting psychic abilities, spiritual development, and manifestation.

Energizes and heals stressful Relationships. Assists in conflict resolution and objectivity. Angel AURA can purify and align all your chakras. Angel Aura Quartz will connect your energy fields to work with your physical body. It’s also a Transformer Crystal that you use when you want to transform a certain aspect of your life into something more desirable. Angel Aura Quartz is an activator of brilliance. It will help you attune to your surroundings and to the people around you and become productive, efficient, motivated, and victorious. This crystal aid your personal, professional, and financial growth, it can also attract success and wealth!

The Angelic Star  This unique cut combines metaphysical principles with the wisdom of the Cosmos.  A powerful tool for Spiritual Growth and Understanding.  The multidimensional design of the Angelic Star™ naturally creates new patterns of energy flow and relationship.  Assists in healing, meditation, manifestation and accessing insight and information.

Iolite is helpful in stimulating psychic abilities. Emotionally soothing. Provides insight into solutions for problems. Iolite is a fantastic energy stone for individuals seeking a deeper spirituality and seer-like understanding in their lives. The Iolite Stone may be utilized in Feng Shui to bring about spiritual healing, build relationships, and assist with the deep shadow work we sometimes need to undergo to confront all sides of the self.

It is an excellent stone for an altar or holy location and everyday contemplative practices. Iolite may also be placed in areas where your connection occupies significant space. Helps with codependent relationships and have healthy thoughts with partners. Having Iolite in the house can also assist in cultivating that desire and make it a reality for individuals struggling with addictive habits and wishing to commit to detoxification.

10x8 Emerald Cut Iolite

12x8 Oval Cut Iolite

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